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Newton’s Walk Primary Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) is positioned near the centre of Derby City. Our function within the City is multifaceted. First and foremost we are the named provision that provides ‘day 6’ education when a pupil is excluded from a mainstream primary school.

We also provide external behaviour support to city-wide Primary Schools via referrals to the Primary Behaviour Panel. Assessment is carried out and support packages offered on an individual needs basis.

There is also an opportunity for small groups of ‘at risk’ children to attend a 10 week (1 day per week) ‘shared placement’ intervention at Newton’s Walk.

The Complex Case team (CCT) provides holistic support to pupils and their families. This includes individual home support, parenting courses and early preventative support to city wide schools through referrals to Primary Behaviour Panel.

Another important role of the CCT is through the Enhancing Family Success Programme. This is funded by National Health and aims to offer early intervention to city-wide families (both parents and pupils) who are identified by their schools as ‘at risk’ of high level behaviours in later life.

The immediate impact for all of our pupils (and their families) upon arrival is social isolation. Most children are transported by taxi and tend to have received exclusions as individuals rather than in groups. Historically, when Pupils are excluded from their Primary Provision their relationships with adults and peers have broken down. From the outset, our dedicated team work closely with the family and the pupil to re-build trust and offer individually tailored support packages both academic and pastoral.

Our ultimate aim is to reintegrate pupils to mainstream school. The transition process begins at entry to Newton’s Walk with parents and carers being made aware of the procedures and ‘ideal’ timeline towards successful exit. This transition process starts with the Complex Case Team (CCT) who work closely with the parents, carers, teaching staff and Multi-agency Professionals to ensure that each case is considered carefully. At year 6 every Pupil is given additional support for the transition to Secondary School. The teaching groups are small (ideally not more than 12 to a class) and nurturing. Upon entry each pupil is carefully assessed, in the home, so that they can either be successfully placed in the correct class that will meet their individual needs or alternatively transitioned straight out to a more suitable school. Through this specialised and inclusive approach we endeavour to allow every pupil the chance to SHINE (to be Successful, Happy, Independent, Nurtured and Enthusiastic about their learning). This is in line with our whole school Vision.